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Dreamscapes Music offers many production services to make your music shine!

Full album recordings, mixing and mastering, co-writing and song completion,
song and album production, album layout and design, live sound mixing

  • Bring in the band or just yourself to our production studio for live tracking, overdubs, voice-overs, and instrumental recordings.

  • If you have something worth listening to.  It's worth recording. Lay it down and have it forever. 

  • Time to get creative!  We will mix your tracks with the right effects and levels to make your recording stand out but also keep with the current market to compete with others in your genre.

  • Wondering why your songs don't sound loud enough? Mastering is an essential part of the recording process.  Here is where we will give your mix that punch and sparkle it needs!

  • Custom songs are our specialty.  We provide music for; Recording Artists, TV/Movie Producers, Businesses, Radio. 

  • The power of an original song can sell your product, break you as an artist, or give your audience a memory they will never forget.  Contact us and let's make this dream happen.

  • Your live show is only as good as it sounds.  Don't let shabby gear and inexperienced sound guys wreck your show!

  • We've mic'd, mixed, and delivered stellar quality audio for all types of acts.  We also provide live recorded as an option. Contact us for more information.

  • Have a project in need of completion?  That is where we come in!  Our producers are professionals at getting it done!

  • We'll turn your idea into the masterpiece you've envisioned.  Don't let it sit on the shelf!  Let's make your dream a reality!

  • Eye catching art, smart design, and multimedia options.

  • Whatever medium you are selling your music, you need the right art, sizing, style, file type, and resolution.  Our producers have experience working in professional atmospheres, delivering the right design every time.

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