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  "I'm so glad that we made the investment to send [our daughter] to you for lessons.   Not only does she love it,  but I can see how learning to play and perform in front of an audience has built her confidence.  You can't put a price tag on that!  She's developing a real love for music - participating in school in events outside of her regular music and band programs and now even teaching her friends.  She's happy to share it with her family too.  Hopefully soon we can add keyboard too.  Thanks for being a great teacher!" 


-Dawn C.

"Wow, I'm stoked about my experience working with Brandon and Dreamscapes. I met Brandon by chance and somehow the conversation turned to music. I'm no music scholar by any means but am very passionate about music. I don't read music and never took a lesson. Brandon has given me even more passion about something that I've loved since I was a kid. His studio is packed with everything that you could imagine. He was so cool and easy to work with that I actually wasn't sure if I wanted the project that we worked on to ever finish. However, it did and it was incredible! Brandon is a very talented musician and producer and he worked wonders with me. I'm a huge fan and will very likely try to create another situation that I get to work with Dreamscapes!

Thank you Brandon, my wife absolutely LOVED the CD!"


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