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Custom Songs

The heart of the music business lies in the craft of songwriting. The combining of words, music, and melody is an affinity for Dreamscapes Music and its writers. More like an obsession really! It is this fascination that has helped us fine tune our craft in every style of music imaginable. From country to electronic, hip-hop to parody, Dreamscapes Music has a song or will write one for the exact purpose you are looking for.

Song Publishing

Are you an artist looking for your next smash hit? We are here to help. Our songwriters are professional and qualified and our songs are ready to record! Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll send you some samples.

Music Licensing

Music is an important part of any media production. We are ready to provide music for your project with the proper clearance and license you need for your creative endeavor.

Our Writers

Dreamscapes Music Productions has a collaborative of amazing talented writers ready to write for you!  We often collaborate with clients to create the project the custom original projects they are looking for. Are you interested in publishing with or writing for Dreamscapes Music? Submit your demo link to

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